Introducing Solvivor, the  Post Modern Rock project formed by Ian Harrod and Dorsey Parker. Inspired by the rich legacies of American Blues and Rock, with an authentic energy and groove, Solvivor enters the modern music scene with a fresh and electrifying sound. Channeling the spirits and in the sonic realm of bands such as the Black Keys, The Record Company, and Jack White, Solvivor seamlessly melds musical mastery with evocative lyricism, forging an unforgettable sonic journey.

From soul-stirring acoustic Country Blues to pumping adrenaline-fueled Post Modern Rock anthems, Solvivor's performances grip the soul and refuse to let go. Their captivating stage presence exudes authenticity, leaving audiences enchanted and entranced.

Embark on an immersive exploration of Solvivor's world through their compelling studio releases and captivating live videos. 

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